1950s – present day

Article about building the bungalows Bolton News 11th January 1965 – courtesy Bolton News

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The Community Garden created 2012 – image courtesy Bolton Green Umbrella


“I met my girlfriend; she was 17 and I was 19. I lived with her parents at the time. I spent my time hanging out on the estate, with my mates. We would all chip in and get bouncy castles and swimming pools, barbecues for all the kids on the estate. That was before the shops were demolished, we would block the roads (Pixmore Avenue) with cars, and PARTY!!

I used to go fishing – there’s loads of trout in the river. I also played footie on the field in front of the bungalows and eventually ran the team. Good times, happy “teen” years. I’m still with my partner Kerry and we run “the Castle” pub, following in the footsteps of the great Nat Lofthouse.”

Paul Wilson, Licensee, Bolton Castle pub/ex- resident recorded by Linda Loynd, researcher/resident.

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