Ex-Resident Sylvia’s story – Living at Pleasant View

“The family moved into no 6 Pleasant View in 1952 when
I was 3 years old. That was the smallest house in the row
of 6 houses. The thing I remember most about the house
was that it was set back from the other 5 houses as we had
a large glass conservator-like room at the front with
nothing in it. Me and my older sister used to play in there
all the time.

Row of Houses Pleasant View – courtesy Bolton Museum and Library Services.

We swapped houses with my mum’s best friend Catherine
Hogan and her husband Norman, who lived at No 4. We
called them Auntie and Uncle. Their house was bigger
with 3 bedrooms and my mum and dad now had 4
children. This would have been around 1960 after my
younger sister was born.

No 4 as I remember there was a long porch when you
went in through the front door. On the right hand side was
the parlour and then the living room. The kitchen was at
the back leading out to the back yard where we had the
coal-hole and the outdoor chemical toilet. It was emptied
every week by the bin men (what a job).
Our coalman was uncle Norman Hogan who now lived at
No 6. Everyone had coal fires.
We knew all our neighbours:
No 1. Fred Davies and his wife. We didn’t mix very much
with this couple.
No 2. The Schofields. Still see the son David now and
again in Bolton
No 3. The Poveys. Me and my older sister Cynthia played
with their daughter June.
No 4. Us…The Simpsons, mum Phyllis, dad Vincent and 4
kids, Cynthia, Sylvia, Vinny and Maria.
No 5. The Radcliffes. Me and my older sister used to go
into their house and p!ay Monopoly with their kids. They
had a car as well!!!!
No6. The Hogans who we called Auntie and Uncle. Their
daughter Tina played with us and is still in regular contact
with us all. She lives in Fleetwood. Mum has just recently

It was a community environment where we had the best
annual bonfire night with the fire, the guy, and all the
adults made meat and potato pie. Jacket potatoes. Parkin,
black peas and treacle toffee. Fabulous times.
We knew Mr Winstanley, the curator, very well. He used
to chase is out of the museum grounds sometimes. But he
also let us in the museum which we knew like the back of
our hands. His wife was brown owl for the Brownies
which I was in for a short time.!
We called Mr Winstanley (Museum Curator)
“Winnybum”, an affectionate term.
Sylvia Swain ex resident

Map Pleasant View courtesy Peter Swain
Old Postcard showing Pleasant View houses on left behind Hall i’th’Wood Museum – courtesy Bolton Museum and Library Services.