Our Project

We are residents and ex-residents from the Hall i’th’ Wood estate; we have enjoyed uncovering the variety of historical stories surrounding our estate ; learning new research skills, discovering funny stories, relived gossip long forgotten.

We hope you enjoy our website; our research led to an an exhibition 2019 we hope the pages on here; will stimulate your own memories. The Research Team :Susan Whittle, Sue and Steve Higham, Linda Loynd, Kathy Pettecrew , Caroline Motsepe, Louise Westhead, Anne Moore, Peter and Judith Connolly.

The Research team in Bolton History Centre being led on a computer archive learning session by Julie Lamara Bolton Council

Research Methods: We used a variety of methods to gain the information; researching in archives at Bolton Local Studies Centre, on-line research, talking to the community on the streets, walking around the estate and looking at properties/ land nearby. Plus we wanted to stimulate discussion; taking our temporary display boards out to where people meet. Holding a drop-in afternoon at Greenway Community Centre and taking the display out to the local Bolton Castle Pub and the luncheon club at St Andrew’s Methodist Church..

Group members also undertook personal research as different parts of the story interested them; this has involved on-line research, telephone calls and in one case driving round Bolton to see if they could find an old business associated with building the estate.

We also used social media; contacting ex-residents via Facebook and sharing our photographs and research with the world.

Thank you…our thanks to the following people and organisations; without you this website would not be possible:

Everyone in the community who contributed photographs, stories, local gossip and ideas for this project.

The research team: Susan Whittle, Kathy Pettecrew, Linda Loynd, Peter and Judith Connolly,
Sue and Steve Higham, Caroline Motsepe, Louise Westhead, Anne Moore.

Local Councillors: Guy Harkin, Bilkis Ismail and Hanif Dharvesh

Shaheen Sameja, Neighbourhood Manager, Bolton Council

Our Research Assistant, Suzanne Hindle, Heritage Facilitator

Bolton Documentary Photography.

Hall’I’th’Wood Museum.

Julie Lamara, at Bolton Museum.

Paul Wilson, Licensee at The Castle Pub.

Jeff Layer at St Andrew’s Methodist Church luncheon Club.

The team at Bolton Local Studies Centre.

Bolton at Home.

Pauline Gardner for opening and closing up after our meetings and events at Greenway Community Centre.

David French volunteer Bolton Museum and Art Gallery who found the original 1930s map of the estate for us.