Shops on the estate

Above: Photo: Shops on Hall i’th’Wood housing estate 1935 – junction of
Pixmore Avenue and Pimlott Road (now the site of the Community
Garden) Courtesy Bolton Museum and Library Services.

Bolton was forward-thinking in its housing development, in planned to put shops on the estate.

There is protest in the Housing Minutes 1930 from Bolton Estate
Agents Association, stating that “under Housing Acts the Corporation have no power to erect anything except houses for the working classes.”
The Co-operative also apply to build their own premises on the estate; but the Housing Committee knock them back.

Letter found in archives at Bolton History Centre courtesy Bolton Museum and Library Services

The shops with upstairs accommodation above resulted in an application to
borrow from the Ministry of Health £6,735.00 in 1931.

Members of the committee went down to London, in person to put Bolton’s
case forward. William Townson & Sons Ltd, Bolton, built the shops too.
The shops were replaced, 2012,by the Community Garden and are currently
supported by Bolton at Home and residents from Hall i’th’Wood Community and Environment Group. The group won a volunteering award in 2013 for helping create the garden and supporting it with events

Shops 1990’s courtesy local resident Herta – private collection

“Shopkeepers 1970s…Bakery = The Brownlows, Post Office/newsagent
= The Peaks, greengrocer = Treacher, grocer = The Hallidays,
chip shop = Margaret Halliday’s father, The Co-op ran the butchers
and dry cleaners”
Anne Moore, resident