The flats and Bungalows

Article Bolton Evening News 11th January 1965 courtesy Bolton News
Artist impression Bolton Evening News 18th January 1962 courtesy Bolton News

According to Bolton Corporation Housing Minutes 1958, initially the bungalow and flat development were to be half-timbered, to complement the houses on Green Way and Hall i’th’Wood Museum. Plans at this stage involve developing 78 units.

1961, plans are drawn-up for the development, finally shown to the
Committee 1962, by the Borough Architect Mr K M Baxter. Artist impression shown above.

There was also provision for a Warden’s accommodation on Green Way, now converted to a residence. Original plans for this property included; “a common room capable of being partitioned, kitchen, laundry and drying room, visitors room and cloakrooms.”

Various tenders were won; with concrete floors supplied by Musker Bros, Swinton and Fireplaces and surrounds by Harry Mason & Sons Ltd, Bolton. And the tender to build the flats and bungalows went to G & J Seddon Ltd, Walkden at a cost £191, 306.

A directive received 1963 from the Ministry of Housing and Local
Government stipulates that “it was not desirable to use the dwellings for old people only, but that a reasonable portion should be let to younger people

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